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Developed from the growing understanding that so many of life’s issues are stored even more in our bodies than in our brains, as shown in studies of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and Polyvagal Theory but  here without the psychological explanations.


I need to make it clear that I don’t claim to have come up with these ideas myself. I have introduced the description “Emotional Gym” and added a few of my own parts as I discovered how powerful emotional gym was and how easily people found it working for them as a way to reduce stress and feelings of vulnerability.

However I acknowledge that the originators of emotional balancing are two amazing psychologists in the USA, Dr. Hal Stone and Dr, Sidra Stone who developed the Psychology of the Aware Ego and the process of Voice Dialogue. I trained with them for several years during the 1990s. I also acknowledge Dr. Martha Lou Woolf who today is my trainer and mentor in this work. I continue to learn from her every month as we work on Skype.

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The aim of this website is to tie together some of the latest and powerful understandings about stress, fear, vulnerability and body pain:

1. How and why so many of life’s big problems are stored in your body as well as your head.

2. Why tuning in to those body messages is the beginning of resolving those big issues.

3. Sharing with you some straight forward, safe and easy do-it-yourself ways to work with those painful or scary body sensations without going into deep psychological explanations. That’s Emotional Gym. It’s Safe and fast and it works.

4. Why embracing and then balancing two opposite body energies works far better than trying to limit either one or the other of them (which cannot work)

5. The close connection with your ever changing emotional age and everything else that is going on inside and outside you including stress, fear, pain.

6. The false belief that power is mostly outside of you. An unbalanced and too young emotional age pattern is what locks this false belief in.

7. Looking at your Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and the effects on your life of even a moderate ACE score

8. Discovering your old core beliefs and their effects on your life and balancing those too.

9. Balancing your sense of vulnerability and not enough vulnerability

10. Balancing Self empowerment vs disempowerment

Balancing your Personal power with Emotional Gym is a gentle but dynamic process that has proved to grow self-empowerment, resolve underlying stresses, release blockages, barriers and deep body memories and helps you create powerful changes in your life, with more joy and less pain.

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